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  • Planning A Storage System


    Planning a storage system requires a complete review of your current company practices and a viable plan. Whether you are setting up a records system or you need to organize a retail store the same basic process applies. This requires applying clear organizing principles. Proper divisions, or categories, are the key to an efficient, effective system.

    Below this article are many more articles with information and tips on planning your new storage system. Flexible Filing can help you along the way with expert advice, professional consulting, budgeting, weight load estimates, project management and implementation.

    Oil Industry







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  • Organize with Classification Folders

    Classification FoldersAF1721 AF1722 F1022 F1033 F1044

    Any filing system should be designed to make information easy to find. Categorizing these documents into a single file under a clients name, property or file number is a good first step. What happens when each file becomes so large that it becomes difficult to find a particular document in the 100's of douments in a single file - enter the Classification folder! 

    By creating sub categories and dividing the paperwork into divisions you can take that large file and make retrieving the information you are looking for much easier. 


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