Friends of Flexible Filing Solutions

Aurora Storage Products

aurora logoAurora Storage Products, is a preferred supplier of storage products to Flexible Filing Solutions.  

Located in Aurora, Illinois, Aurora is a privately owned manufacturer of commercial storage and filing systems and has been in business for over 132 years.Aurorabuilding

Thier product brands include Aurora Quik-Lok Shelving; Aurora Mobile, high density manual and electric storage systems; Times-2 ®, a double-sided rotating storage cabinet; and Wood-Tek™, a line of premium wood-clad case goods.

They are proud members of the US Green Building Council and for over a decade have actively pursued a policy of sustainability and environmental sensitivity in our manufacturing operations and our facility.  Aurora’s LEED-friendly products contain high levels of recycled steel, are themselves recyclable and are made in the US in a union shop facility.

Aurora provides support through Flexible Filing to the design community. If you would like to ask the manufacturer a direct question please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can live chat with them




Coforce Info-Flex


Coforce info-flex is a Flexible Filing Preferred manufacturer of heavy duty pockets, Genuine pressboard folders and Canadian Green Pressboard classification folders.  

Since 1977, info-flex  has created quality jobs, adapted to the needs of disabled people. Accredited by EMPLOI-QUÉBEC as an adapted company, Info-Flex builds on the strengths and abilities of people with limitations through a positive and rewarding work environment. With our 350 employees, the majority of them being disabled, we are confident that the integration is not a handicap, but rather a force that awakens the potential.


LAdotCOM Logo1

LabelsAnywhere is Flexible Filing Solutions supplier of web based print anywhere solutions. This label printer is an economical solution to printing your labels in quantity. 

Print any combination of variable COLOR, variable TEXT, variable BARCODE, variable IMAGES/GRAPHIC from variable DATA like never before.

Any Label, Any Time, Any Where

Colorflex provides you with a turn key, data driven, cross industry, variable print solution that maximizes the power and convenience of the internet to print labels ANYWHERE while maintaining total confidentiality and security for data. Data never leaves your computer!!

On demand labelsEasy As 1-2-3 is straightforward and easy to use. You begin printing any type of label in three simple steps using the intuitive print wizard.

Choose your label designEnter or import your dataPrint your label

Whether you print one label per day or thousands... provides an easy and economical print-on-demand solution.

The Folder Factory

TFF LogoThe Folder Factory is a Premier manufacturer of folders and color coded labels for Flexible Filing Solutions. We have been pleased to work with all the great folks at Folder Factory over the years. They are unbeatable for quality, pricing and customer service. 

folder factory

  • Folders
    • Manila,
    • White
    • Color 
    • Pressed Board 28 pt
    • classification folders
  • Labels
    • Color coded
    • Alpha, Numeric, solid
    • Protectors 
    • Custom




Star Filing

sfilcoloStar Filing is a Flexible Filing Preferred Supplier of Premium Quality Expanding Filing Products. End Tab, Top Tab, paper or Tyvek gussets. Custom products are available to meet your particular need. 


eco smartOver the years we have found them to be dedicated to providing quality products coupled with excellent service. In Calgary's competitive and demanding marketplace, Star Filing has helped us to provide value-added products and services.
While we carry a large number of stock products we can also provide custom manufacturing through Star Filing. Whether you require a special size, special paper, accessories, or printing, our experienced staff will be ready to assist you.

Smead Manufacturing

smead logoSmead is a Flexible Filing Preferred Supplier of orgamizing products for filing. We stock many of thier products but all are available with a slight wait.  Products: Folders, Pockets, Labels, Jackets, hanging folders, and accessories

about smead

A Rich Heritage of Innovation and Quality

A world-leading provider of solutions for efficient document management, Smead is a woman-owned company well-known for its high quality, environmentally responsible products and innovative organizational systems. For more than a century, Smead has been committed to one purpose: Keeping You Organized.


Firm Solutions

 Firm Solutions is a preferred Supplier of Records Management Services for small business.


Every company or business has records – paper, electronic, or both. These records are as much a company’s assets as its equipment or property, and need to be managed and protected as such.

FIRM Solutions was created to help small businesses set up their records in such a way that they can be managed and protected from creation to disposition - and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Firm Solutions will work with you to create a system that can be managed by your resources while still meeting with generally accepted records practices (The Principles), which will help position your company’s records and information for growth or future sale.  If your resources are very limited, they can provide ongoing maintenance of your information and records.