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The History of Flexible Filing Solutions Inc.

Or… The Story of Two Salesmen

Written by G. Irvine




Flexible Filing Solutions Inc is what became of two salesmen who were originally in competition with each other. These two salesmen worked “across town” from each other for different independent distributors of nearly identical filing and storage products. At the end of the day they were more alike than they knew, or would admit, because both cared about great customer service and loved working with people.

Grant Irvine started in the Filing Systems and Supplies business in June of 1995 with a well-known, but now obsolete, Calgary-based independent distributor while Edward Gordon had been with a competing company since 1993. Using their backgrounds in customer service driven sales, Grant and Ed were both successful in their respective careers and soon became their employer’s “top dogs”.

These competing companies each followed the same practice of rewarded their “top dogs” with vacation trips for meeting sales quota. While lounging with their young families in a hotel swimming pool at Disneyland, on a company-paid vacation trip, Grant and Ed looked across the pool to find none other than… Ed and Grant! What were the odds that two competing salesmen would end up across from each other in the same hotel swimming pool in Disneyland? So, there was no escaping each other or the probable beginning of what we would be today.

Five years later both had moved on with Grant creating a new company to work as an agent for another Canadian filing and storage systems distributor who were based in another province. Ed had been working independently as well and had been sourcing product from the same out of province distributor. That brought the two back together and soon they realized they could be a great team. The only issue was getting enough stock fast enough. After six years of constantly struggling to get folder stock in a manner suitable for the Alberta market Grant chose to “go it alone” without them. With Ed on board and a shared vision, Flexible Filing Solutions Inc. was born. The rest is history as they say...

In 2018 Flexible merged with Acme Visible Filing under Charles Broady. With this merger the Acme team has expanded its reach from Ontario to Vancouver Island to become the largest Canadaian supplier of filing systems and supplies.  With Grant Retiring and Ed taking the wheel in Alberta a new chapter has opened in this 20 year story. 

Acme Visible Filing Systems Ltd.  

Calgary: 403-724-9380

Orders: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Head Office: 1-800-663-9111