Planning A Storage System


Planning a storage system requires a complete review of your current company practices and a viable plan. Whether you are setting up a records system or you need to organize a retail store the same basic process applies. This requires applying clear organizing principles. Proper divisions, or categories, are the key to an efficient, effective system.

Below this article are many more articles with information and tips on planning your new storage system. Flexible Filing can help you along the way with expert advice, professional consulting, budgeting, weight load estimates, project management and implementation.

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What's being Stored in your system

12 March 2016 in Planning 870 hits

Today’s storage systems are complex, encompassing so much more than just filing and office supplies. Flexibility is key, whether designing…

Available Space

11 March 2016 in Planning 938 hits

How much space is available? Space planning is a critical step when developing a storage system. In fact, most storage…

Dimensions & Quantity

11 March 2016 in Planning 926 hits

How Big How Many? Measuring the material you are going to store is an important step in planning your space.…

System Access & Usage

11 March 2016 in Planning 891 hits

Easy Access Quick access to behind-the-scenes retail stock such as automotive parts, apparel, shoes, or electronics can be critical during…

Challenges and Codes

12 March 2016 in Planning 851 hits

Every Good Storage System... starts with a plan. There are a few things to consider when working out your strategy.…

Special Considerations

12 March 2016 in Planning 755 hits

Customizing your system to fit your needs With our flexible solutions we can find the right piece of equipment to…

Comparison of Products

13 March 2016 in Planning 851 hits

They may be under the same roof but... Not all storage systems are the same. The key is to pick…

  • Mobile Shelving 1000
    Mobile Shelving 1000
  • Times-2 Rotary Cabinets
    Times-2 Rotary Cabinets
  • Powered Mobile System
    Powered Mobile System
  • Times-2 Special Colors
    Times-2 Special Colors
  • Low Profile Mobile
    Low Profile Mobile
  • Side to Side Mobile
    Side to Side Mobile
  • Times-2 Music Cabinet
    Times-2 Music Cabinet
  • Tempo Mobile
    Tempo Mobile
  • Low Profile Mobile with Wood-Tek
    Low Profile Mobile with Wood-Tek

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