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Times 2with kidsSchool Space Planning

School facilities require thoughtful space planning for efficient and secure storage. Storage requirements can range from textbook, student records, library books, sheet music, janitorial supplies to athletic equipment and everything in between.

Heightened security is needed for expensive equipment, electronics and student records especially in schools with mixed use that extend hours of operation, sharing space with programs for the public such as daycare, elder care, and community use.

Providing space-efficient secure storage can be a challenge.

Flexible Storage Solutions

School storage encompasses a variety of areas within facilities at both the K-12 and university levels. Each department can have unique requirements for different types of stored items. Browse our unique storage solutions.

  • Libraries & Media Centers
  • Janitorial Areas
  • Administrative Officers
  • Food Service and Prep Areas
  • Nurses Office
  • Gym and Athletic Storage
  • Libraries & Media Centers
  • Arts and Crafts Closets
  • Individual Teacher Offices
  • Science Lab Supply Area
  • Textbook Storage Rooms
  • Tech and Shop Class

Why GREEN our Schools?

Green schools can provide an atmosphere more conducive to learning.

  • Healthier environment
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Quieter classrooms
  • Abundant natural light


Low profile 12Government Storage Solutions

We understand the unique needs of Government which are unlike any other market needs in terms of application, security, and retention schedules.  Agency operation and procurement procedures call for a supplier who is familiar with how government works. The team at Aurora Storage Products has years of experience dedicated to serving federal, state, county, and municipal clients.

Flexible Storage Solutions

Our Products for Federal, Provincial, County and Municipal governemts feature a variety of storage products including Aurora Shelving, Aurora Mobile, Times-2 Rotary Cabinets and Side-to-Side lateral mobile.

Aurora Storage Products are very popular with government agencies and are used in all types of applications for general storage including.

  • Binders
  • Shop, Tool and Repair Areas
  • Books
  • Media Storage for CDs, Disks and Video Archives
  • Filing
  • Mail Sorting
  • General Office Supplies
  • Pharmaceuticals and Patient Records
  • Libraries
  • Legal Documents
  • Forms and Publications Display
  • Evidence Storage and Trial Preparation
  • Periodical Display

Eco-Friendly, High Quality Products

Our reputation for high quality and service are bolstered by products that are eco-friendly, a requirement many government agencies are mandating.    Click here for information on LEED.

laboratory storageHealthcare Storage Solutions 

Healthcare requires a healthy environment so that physicians, nurses, and support staff can provide the best patient care with good outcomes. Aurora has healthcare storage solutions keep you organized at the same time as being secure and space-saving; these solutions can allow you to get back to doing what you do best in the fast-paced world of patient care. More space for patients and medical staff equals more of an ability to provide healthcare services to ailing individuals.

Flexible Storage Solutions

 Healthcare storage requires varied solutions for clinics and hospitals, but they need to be efficient while still maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. Aurora Storage medical file shelves can be ordered in 32 beautiful colors with an antimicrobial finish to maintain a healthy environment for staff and patients. Our medical shelving can help give your office the professional décor you expect from a healthcare facility. Well-designed medical shelves and storage systems can free up areas in a clinic or hospital facility; you can expect to save almost 50% of space for other more important uses such as additional patient beds, physician consultation rooms, nurses’ stations, or visitor waiting areas.

From surgical instruments to laptops, Aurora has unique storage solutions for Healthcare:

  • Nurses Stations
  • Pharmacies
  • Surgical Suites
  • Purchasing  & Administrative Departments
  • Medical Records & X-rays
  • Dental Records & X-rays
  • Cafeteria and Food Service
  • ER
  • Radiology
  • ICU/Critical Care
  • Oncology
  • Cardiac
  • Patient Rehab

reference libraryLibrary Storage Solutions 

Our Flexible Library products are mainstay of librarians who want versatile, sturdy, and beautiful storage for their libraries.  With Aurora Library Shelving, you can store more books in less space to gain valuable floor space for other activities.  Choose from a variety of multimedia accessories uniquely designed for library use to store samples, magazines, movies, games, oversized books and more. 

We provide high quality 4-post library shelving for schools and universities, public libraries, corporate office libraries, law libraries and architectural and interior design libraries.  A beautiful addition to Aurora Library Shelving is Wood-Tek, rich wood end panels and wood-cladding to give the appearance of wooden library shelving with the superior strength and greater weight capacity of Aurora steel shelving.

Our school library shelving systems are hard-working and durable for the constant use school libraries and media centers see on a daily basis.  With a variety of accessories for multimedia storage, superior weight capacity to hold tons of books, and limited lifetime warranty, it’s no wonder most librarians choose Aurora Library Shelving. 

 Each library has unique storage considerations, whether it’s dealing efficiently with decentralized libraries within a university, or the challenges of space and limited resources facing most public libraries.  The design experts at Aurora Storage understand and can help plan a library system to suit your needs and optimize every bit of space.

Flexible Storage Solutions

  • Education
    • K-12
    • Higher Education
  • Architectural & Design Firms
  • Corporations
  • Law Offices 

western museumMuseum Storage Solutions 

Effective museum storage is an interesting and challenging design experience for the sheer variety of items and the special shelving systems required for these priceless objects. Museums have the responsibility to store, display, and archive everything from massive paleontological samples to taxidermy pieces, to small research specimens. Valuable manuscripts, fragile fine art paintings, and on-loan collections may require special security considerations as well.

Flexible Filing Solutions has many secure storage systems such as space efficient Times-2 Cabinets, high-density Aurora Mobile, Art-Stor, or sturdy Quik-Lok Shelving. These systems can provide the security required along with advanced storage solutions for museum items including sensitive artifacts, artwork and general multimedia pieces. Our design experts can assess existing museum floor space and recommend the correct product to increase storage in the same amount of area. We are often able to increase storage by over 50%.

Flexible Storage Solutions for:tree-rings

  • History & Natural History Museums
  • Heritage Centers
  • Art Museums & Galleries
  • Design Museums
  • Children’s Museums
  • University Museums

We can store:museum3

  • Entomology specimens
  • Geologic samples
  • Biological & Zoological Samples
  • Botanical samples
  • Minerals & gem stones
  • Sculpture, Paintings, and Prints
  • Archeological Artifacts
  • Spanish Museo Amparo
  • Paleontological Samples
  • Laboratory Specimens
  • Dendrochronology Samples

Reference & Research Libraries
Researchers, scientists and students can greatly benefit from a well-organized museum library. Aurora Library Shelving can work to reduce the footprint required for book storage while adding space for additional volumes.

Whether using stationary or mobile storage shelving, Flexible's systems are capable of handling high density library collections securely and safely. Our museum shelving systems are finished in a non-volatile powder coat that is artifact and document safe with no volatile chemicals or off gassing.

workstationsSolutions For Business

The experts at Flexible Filing know the storage needs of businesses are as varied as the markets they serve. That’s why we have created a comprehensive line of business storage solutions to provide you the space and organization to increase productivity at your office. Whether you are in need of storage for IT and data, administration, human resource or accounting, Flexible has the storage products to keep your business running efficiently and on track.

Flexible Storage Solutions

Our Products for Production, Finance, Purchasing, Human Resources, R&D and Marketing  feature a variety of storage products including Aurora Shelving, Aurora Mobile, Times-2 Rotary Cabinets and Side-to-Side lateral mobile.

  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Publishing
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • IT
  • R&D

At Flexible Filing, we understand that one solution does not fit all. That’s why we’ve created multiple lines of storage solutions that can be customized for your company or organization. With thoughtful space planning we can create efficient business storage solutions that will help you serve your customers better now and in the future.

wood tek in judicial chambersLegal Solutions

Law firms have special considerations for storage, which can include a variety of areas within the firm, from the reception desk and partner offices, to client records and more. Flexible Filing can create a space-efficient legal file and document storage system to eliminate the need for offsite archives, and keep critical documents confidential, accessible and in-house.

If aesthetics are a high priority to your firm, we have an elegant solution in Wood-Tek for legal libraries and private offices.

Flexible Storage Solutions

  • Reception Areas
  • Partner and Attorney Offices
  • Record Storage
  • Legal and Reference Libraries
  • War Preparation Rooms
  • Courtroom Exhibit Storage
  • Client Meeting Rooms

Your client’s confidential information is our highest priority, so we want to help you safeguard and properly archive it. With our wide range of storage solutions, any environment can be updated to organize and manage your legal files and documents. You value your clients, and they value you for the services you provide them. Let Flexible Filing Solutions help you , by creating an efficient legal file and document catalog with our premium shelving systems.

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