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Any filing system should be designed to make information easy to find. Categorizing these documents into a single file under a clients name, property or file number is a good first step. What happens when each file becomes so large that it becomes difficult to find a particular document in the 100's of douments in a single file - enter the Classification folder! 

By creating sub categories and dividing the paperwork into divisions you can take that large file and make retrieving the information you are looking for much easier. 



Saturday, 26 March 2016 09:25

Filing Solutions: LabelsAnywhere

CFX WebPOPBusinesses and enterprises with filing requirements have traditionally used bar-coded, data-driven, demand printed solutions for labels and documents. The value of color coding has also been widely recognized. By using Flexible Filing's LabelsAnywhere software, these printed materials for filing applications are made simple to produce, highly cost effective, as well as easy to configure and customize. 


LabelsAnywhere software features true color match printing, superior barcode creation, and unsurpassed data handling to create high-quality printed output. Those proven and thoroughly tested demand print capabilities built into LabelsAnywhere software are now reinforced with a cutting-edge Referenced Image feature. The Referenced Image capability in combination with other user interface improvements and enhancements make the LabelsAnywhere software experience second-to-none. The online and desktop software product versions have everything required to develop unique, affordable label solutions.

To maintain your competitive edge in the financial, oil, legal or automotive industry, rely on LabelsAnywhere for all variable on-demand print needs. If you can think it, LabelsAnywhere software products can print it.FS4X4FF

All print elements, whether text, color, barcode, images, or data, are under your control using Colorflex LabelsAnywhere software. Even with the most challenging demand print applications, you can produce the highest quality output available with effortless printing.

Achieve consistent results on almost any printer and have the ultimate confidence when printing with Inkjet or Laser technology. The new Referenced Image feature allows a unique picture or image (jpeg, gif, png) to be printed on each individual label or document. The Referenced Image files are easily accessed from a folder on a computer or network and do not burden the .job file or retard print speed.

Imagine a Human Resource application that allows you to economically utilize the power of color coding, access an employee photo database file, produce high quality and accurate barcodes, and import any needed data, all locally and fully turnkey.

Solutions of this type and many others are now possible using Colorflex LabelsAnywhere software products. 

If you can THINK it, LabelsAnywhere can PRINT it.

Flexible Filing invites you to test drive the improved LabelsAnywhere software. Visit us online at and run the DEMO. Experience the software’s amazing capabilities firsthand or request a LabelsAnywhere Desktop demonstration from our sales support team… then imagine all the possible solutions. is straightforward and easy to use. You can begin printing any type of label in three simple steps using the intuitive print wizard.

Flexible Filing Solutions can help you design your label to match your existing or for a new system. Simple or complex we can help you find the right solution. 

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Ready to sign up give us a call 403-724-9380 or send us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Friday, 22 April 2011 18:55

Print your Own File Labels

Any Label, Any Time, Any Where

labels anywhere 5 Print any combination of variable COLOR, variable TEXT, variable BARCODE, variable IMAGES/GRAPHIC from variable DATA like never before.

Colorflex provides you with a turn key, data driven, cross industry, variable print solution that maximizes the power and convenience of the internet to print labels ANYWHERE while maintaining total confidentiality and security for data. Data never leaves your computer!!

Easy As 1-2-3


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