Shelving is the starting point for high density storage. Its flexible design and options allow you to utilize large spaces for maximum capacity and small space for maximum space utilization.

Aurora Quick Lock and Estey Library shelving are Flexible's brands, however we do carry a large selection of used shelving from many manufacturers. When you are looking at shelving you are thinking about space. Are you out of space, need more space or need to reduce space to fit in more people. We can help you solve all of these problems. Glance through some of our products and give us a call. 

  • Binder Shelving
    Binder Shelving
  • Near Site Storage
    Near Site Storage
  • Wood Tek Federal
    Wood Tek Federal
  • Used Shelving
    Used Shelving
  • Estey Cantilever Shelving
    Estey Cantilever Shelving
  • End Tab Filing Units
    End Tab Filing Units
  • Quick Roll Door - Open
    Quick Roll Door - Open
  • Quick Roll Door - Secure
    Quick Roll Door - Secure
  • Drawers for shelving
    Drawers for shelving
  • Estey Library Shelving
    Estey Library Shelving

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