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Blending the warmth of wood, with the strength of steel, Wood-Tek gives you flexibility to change, move and add units that millwork can't match. Wood-Tek’s classic good looks grace the hallways and front areas of business, legal and accounting firms, as well as libraries and schools across the country.

Wood-Tek is not only beautiful, but strong enough to support the weight of the heaviest of media.

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Why Wood-Tek, and not Millwork?

Wood-Tek is a unique storage system that pairs real wood end panels, doors, and shelf edges with Aurora Shelving to make a product unsurpassed in beauty, strength, and versatility. Unlike traditional millwork, Wood-Tek has many advantages.

  • Woodtek Shelves do not sag
  • Shelves are wasily adjustable at 1.5"
  • Wood-Tek carries more capacity at 300 lbs/shelf
  • Wood-Tek comes in 5 wood species and 10 elegant stains
  • Wood Tek Units
    Wood Tek Units
  • Wood-Tek Federal
    Wood-Tek Federal
  • Mobile Wood Tek
    Mobile Wood Tek
  • Wood Tek Shelving
    Wood Tek Shelving
  • Library applications
    Library applications
  • Wood Tek Doors
    Wood Tek Doors
  • Wood Tek Office
    Wood Tek Office
  • Wood Tek Waiting Room
    Wood Tek Waiting Room
  • Showcases
  • The Strength of Steel
    The Strength of Steel
  • The Warmth of Wood
    The Warmth of Wood
  • Wood-Tek Diplomat
    Wood-Tek Diplomat
  • Judicial chambers
    Judicial chambers
  • Wood Tek Detail
    Wood Tek Detail
  • Light wood accent Mobile system
    Light wood accent Mobile system

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